• Colors in Marrakesh. Verlag Bibliothek der Provinz, 2015

  • Colors in Marrakesh (2015)

    The first full-color photobook by Ronnie Niedermeyer distills the famed Red City to its very essence. Far from gaudy flourish, this is a deliberate study of substance: the city’s walls, painted in multifarious shades of red, are spread out in six chapters of full-page photographs. Artisans and turmoil are excluded from this perspective. The 282 images offer a serene scape of the Berber metropolis carried by a search for lost time. The opulent, linen-bound book includes a hand-crocheted bookmark ribbon from Marrakesh.

    Colors in Marrakesh
    A photobook by Ronnie Niedermeyer
    with a preliminary note by André Heller
    in six languages: ZGH, FRA, ARA, ENG, HEB, DEU

    Bibliothek der Provinz publisher
    24 x 30 cm wide, 338 pages
    282 full-page color photographs
    retail price € 49.90
    ISBN: 978-3-99028-527-5

    Exhibition tie-in
    Oct. 14th – Dec. 20th 2015
    Safran & Cie., 1010 Vienna, Werdertorgasse 12

    The full press kit is available upon request.

  • “Viennese photographer Ronnie Niedermeyer has [...] successfully captured Marrakesh's world of color and light.”
    – Die Presse, 15 Jan. 2016

    “Ronnie Niedermeyer [...] has focused on Marrakesh intensively, boiling the city down to its essence.”
    – Kurier, 21 Dec. 2015

    “Shying away from multicolored randomness, Ronnie Niedermeyer's wonderful monography on the pearl of Morocco consists exclusively of facades painted red.”
    – Der Standard, 31 Oct. 2015

    “Light, dark, carmine, crimson, wine, scarlet, ruby, vermilion: whoever thought the color red was monotonous is proven wrong. The documentary photographer Ronnie Niedermeyer dove into Marrakesh's world of color, catching some powerful images.”
    – ORF2, 26 Oct. 2015

  • Colors in Marrakesh. Verlag Bibliothek der Provinz, 2015