• Jerusalem Spirits

  • Jerusalem Spirits

    For this series, Ronnie Niedermeyer visited and photographed places in Jerusalem that are considered holy by one or more of the three Abrahamic world religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Furthermore, he interviewed and photographed people who live in Jerusalem and who feel a spiritual connection to the city: not only Muslims, Christians and Jews of various denominations, but also people without a religion. Attending ceremonies and rituals, including ones not open to the public, he has created a rich and encompassing tableau of the city’s spiritual life.

    A photobook is planned to appear in Jerusalem’s three official languages (English, Hebrew and Arabic), showcasing the singularity and beauty of local cultures while also highlighting their common ground.

    The following images represent a small preview of the series. A selection was shown at the Vienna gallery West46 in October 2014. In early 2015, the photographs were displayed at the Austrian Hospice in Jerusalem.

  • Jerusalem Spirits: Indian Catholics on the way to Gethsemane.

  • Jerusalem Spirits: Jewish house in the Muslim Quarter.

  • Jerusalem Spirits: Muslim cemetery in West Jerusalem.

  • Jerusalem Spirits: Jewish man with phylacteries.

  • Jerusalem Spirits: Armenian novitiates before Easter Mass.

  • Jerusalem Spirits: Ethiopian Christians on the roof of the Holy Sepulcher.

  • Jerusalem Spirits: Indian Shiites gaze at the Old City.

  • Jerusalem Spirits: Ukrainian nun.